Siddhant Bansal

I am a Research Intern at Computer Vision Lab, IIT Gandhinagar. I am working with Prof. Shanmuganathan Raman on the project titled "Cultural Heritage Preservation and Restoration using Digital 3D models" funded by the IMPRINT. I am broadly interested in 3D Computer Vision, Deep Learning and related problems.

My ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of machines capable of reading an instruction manual and creating new machines!

Email  /  CV  /  Github  /  LinkedIn  /  Twitter

  • Machine Learning: Classification, Regression, Clustering, Natural Language Processing, 2D and 3D Computer Vision
  • Methodologies: Linear/Logistic Regression, Point Cloud Registration, Deep Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), RNN, LSTM, Transfer Learning
  • Programming Languages: Python, C++, MATLAB
  • Libraries and Software: NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, SciPy, Pytorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Git, Vim
  • Operating Systems: Mac OSX, Linux, Windows

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